100% Pure makes my absolute favorite lip glaze. I don't wear lipstick as I find it messy and feel it dries out my lips. I find regular lipgloss to be sticky and messy as well. This lip glaze is easy to wear, very moisturizing and not at all messy. This is the only lip product I wear other than lip balm. I like the Pomegranate color, which doesn't go on as dark as it looks. It looks super-dark and dramatic, but my style is actually a very natural look, and this gives my lips just enough tint to feel a bit dressed up. Also, I love this company's values - they are not only transparent about their ingredients and commitment to making safe and healthy products, but they also donate a portion of every purchase to feed shelter dogs and plant trees. They also have a focus on sustainability, using recycled/recyclable packing, biodegradable packing materials, and even 100% solar power at their headquarters. I wouldn't recommend their product if it wasn't awesome as well, but it also just feels really good to spend my dollars at a business like this. Buy directly from 100% Pure and receive free shipping plus 2 free samples with a purchase of $45 or more. Or buy from Amazon by clicking here.